Wednesday, October 19, 2005

NJ round-up

Lots of news today, so I may give individual stories a little less ink. First, a smattering of additions to stories from the governor's race across the river:
  1. The Inquirer continues it's proud coverage of style over substance with today's second installment of "gubernatorial campaign styles" of the major candidates -- this time, John Corzine.
    Corzine does not wow crowds with his oratory ... and fumbles awkwardly during debates. But his personal touch seems to be his strength.
    What color shoes does he wear? sigh.

  2. They also report on last-night's debate between Corzine and Forrester, where each accused the other of being too tied to the worst of the status quo. Two independent candidates also appeared (who presumably agree that both major-party candidates are too entrenched).

  3. Another piece marvels at both candidates' tax returns, which show them with millions of annual income, unsurprising as both have indicated willingness to fund much of their expensive campaigns.


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