Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Jersey news

  • The Inquirer offers a discussion of Forrester's gubernatorial campaign, promising to profile his opponent's "campaign style" in a matching piece soon.
    Whether given before a small group ready to sign his ubiquitous property-tax placard, with a high-profile politician, or to a large group, Forrester's stump speeches are always filled with intensity and peppered with humor.
    Substance, anyone? No word yet on a companion piece to the more concrete look at Corzine yesterday.

  • Meanwhile the state has picked up a billion dollars in transit money from the federal government for the next two years, which is particularly timely since the state's own transportation fund is about to run dry next summer.

  • Another Inquirer piece profiles the brutal (and expensive!) ad war between Forrester and Corzine as the race for the governor's office tightens (the negative ads appear to have siphoned off some of Corzine's impressive initial lead). And still three weeks to go! yippee.


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