Monday, October 03, 2005

Ethics bill in the news

The ethics bill passed by Philadelphia's City Council this past session (see previous here and here), famously sponsored by Michael Nutter and regulating campaign contributions by city contractors, comes before the voters this November. It should be wildly popular with a frustrated populace, but local politicians worry somewhat that low voter turnout in an off-year election could endanger that outcome. I suspect that supporters and allies of more transparent government will turn up the volume in the week or two preceding the election, but Dan at YoungPhillyPolitics recommends that bloggers start using their outlets now to remind people of the importance of this ballot measure. Certainly happy to do my part.

In related news, the candidates for one of the offices that *is* contested this fall, city controller, are throwing ethics-related accusations back and forth in their efforts to look better qualified for a financial oversight position. An undeniable linkage, but one unlikely to make either of these fellows into household names.


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