Thursday, September 15, 2005

Speaking of SEPTA

Last week I was away in Paris, and every time I got onto the Metro I thought about how great it would be if Philadelphia had that kind of transit coverage: nobody more than a few blocks from a stop, most major destinations no more than one train-change away, easy access, etc. This is not to say that the Metro is perfect (I missed the air-conditioning of SEPTA's cars greatly), but merely an excellent standard of integration into the fabric of a city.

Anyway, that made me super-primed for this fantasy SEPTA map, which apparently incorporates just about every expansion and tweak suggestion made in the last century and achieves almost the kind of coverage I'd been imagining myself. I'd especially like to see an extension into South Philly, but really it all looks great. Where do I sign up?

(via Philadelphia Will Do)


Anonymous Tulin said...

Nice map - but where's the indication of the cable car that the city was going to build across the river to Camden? (There's a huge monument to it - an unfinished piece of concrete about 100 feet in the air - that stands at Penn's Landing.)

4:37 PM  
Blogger AboveAvgJane said...


Hope you had a great trip. I celebrated my 30th birthday in Paris, riding the Metro, eating crepes, and bought a pair of royal blue leather gloves that I wear maybe once a year but feel fabulous that one day. I celebrated my 40th birthday in the checkout line at Sam's Club buying mega packs of Huggies. Let this be a lesson to all of the changes your life can take when that clock starts ticking ;)

5:23 PM  

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