Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Other noteworthy Tuesday news bits

  • The Inquirer reports that Philadelphia is about to restructure its housing agencies to make it easier for developers to acquire abandoned lots and the like. It seems like this is less about laxer regulation than about better computer systems and inter-agency coordination, which seem like a benefit to all concerned. Perhaps the zoning code will be next up for a second look...

  • Politics Philly notes that the city parking agency intends to go after unpaid parking tickets up to 15 years old! Time to dig through that glove compartment.

  • Alex at Young Philly Politics has a look at recent polling and past campaign strategy for PA's 8th US Congressional District. Lots of interesting action ahead for 2006!

  • Meanwhile, across the river, the New Jersey gubenatorial campaign just took an unexpected twist when the tax-exemption of religious insitutions was brought into the fray:
    Black ministers who endorsed Sen. Jon S. Corzine for governor yesterday found themselves on the defensive over $2.5 million in donations that the Democratic candidate's foundation has made to African American churches.
    Ahem. I expect that we'll be hearing more about the proper relationship of clergy and candidates in national politics in the next decade.


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