Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Two bits about Phila neighborhood developments:
  • Center City to get more sidewalk lighting, always good for pedestrians, which means residents + visitors. Specific areas targeted for this round of improvements are Washington Square, Pine Street, Market Street Bridge, and 22nd and Arch streets -- I see the fingerprints of activist civic associations (WashWest, esp.), but hope they can find some bucks for the Fitler area eventually; I used to live there and it feels safe but can be extremely creepy at night.
    (via PoliticsPhilly)

  • Extending the already tangible westward creep of Civilization (gentrification) on South Street, a major condo development is now planned for the 1300 block (read: just before Broad). A parking lot will go and more pricey Kimmel-proximal housing (some already presold) takes its place.
    (via America's Hometown)
In unrelated news, a story about tax notions circulating in Harrisburg includes the news that some Philly-area Republicans want to shift the tax burdon from property owners onto wage-earners and shoppers. That's what we need -- county-by-county tax structure. This appears to be a response to the failure of Act 72, which would have used casino monies to help defray school budget costs.

Update: I originally intended this post to be two groupings of two stories, but then I couldn't find a link for the fourth story (#2 about taxes). Ray Murphy now provides coverage (it was a press conference but not yet a story) of the new proposal by state Rep. Dwight Evans to establish a Pennsylvania Earned Income Tax Credit, which would provide a boost to the poorest of the state's working poor.


Anonymous Tulin said...

The same kind of concept was being floated by R's as an end to Social Security woes. The theory was, they said, eliminate FICA and just charge a massive sales tax.

Either way, with regard to the current notions floated by the Philadelphia folks - it just screams logistical nightmare...

4:41 PM  

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