Thursday, September 01, 2005

A little too much sunlight

When I saw on my way to work that the Inquirer had a front-page story about a state legislator's blog, I of course intended to check it out for myself -- many things can seem appalling when taken out of context that are more harmless or wry when you know the writer's voice. But I guess that Rep. Daylin Leach preferred not to submit his sense of humor to the inspection of all of his constituents (for fear of being dooced?) because the page appears to no longer exist, being replaced with a redirect to Yahoo.

Google offers this page in cache, with Monday's post skewering the press coverage of the legislators' conference in Seattle. Reasonably funny, but nothing I'd have come back for. Lesson: If you work for the public, be careful what you say there...

Update: Above Average Jane was more enterprising than I was, and found additional cached pages which she offers here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daylin Leach is an embarassment to the people he is supposed to serve. He votes himself and his bosses a huge raise (up to 54%) in a form that gets around the PA Constitution. They he discusses watching porn and his interest in young girls...Just retire and become a bad lawyer.

6:56 PM  

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