Friday, September 16, 2005

From the weeklies

A cluster of stories from Philadelphia's City Paper and Phila Weekly caught my (belated) eye:
  • Two pieces look at the need for greater fuel conservation:
    1. What Would Jesus Drive? profiles some religious leaders prodding their congregants to carpool and take other steps to better environmental stewardship, and also what the city is slowly doing about its own consumption costs. Philly Beyond Oil will have a conference this weekend on the subject.
    2. Share Prices are Down puts the spotlight on PhillyCarShare, which allows city residents to rent cars for short in-town trips, and takes credit for reducing the number of cars kept in Philadelphia by some 1,400 and cutting the costs of transportation for its members.

  • The weekly tells of the city's problem finding a head for its recycling program--see the previous story of the woes of that program here.

  • Apparently the city's 911 responses are a mess, with dispatchers not seeming to know their way around the city and emergency personnel taking forever to arrive or coming in the wrong kind of vehicle. Very unnerving!

  • Mary Patel takes a quick look at former Steeler Lynn Swann, along with other gubenatorial hopefuls who attended the Republican State Committee meeting last weekend.


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