Monday, September 12, 2005

Election day *tomorrow* in NW Philadelphia

There's an election in the Philly area tomorrow, in one of those low-turnout off-season local elections, this time for State Rep. It will be a short term, so a bit thankless, and not much time to prove yourself before running as the incumbent:
The 200th district seat opened after Democratic State Rep. LeAnna Washington was sworn into the state Senate in June. Whoever fills the rest of her term, which expires next year, will have to endure a May primary, and face the general election in November 2006.
Anyway, there are three candidates, Democrat Cherrelle Parker, Republican Robert Rossman, and Green Party candidate Marlene Santoyo (who is making some waves by positioning her campaign as a referendum on the local Democratic party machine). If you live in the Roxborough, Mt. Airy, or Chestnut Hill sections of the city, read up on the choices and turn out to have your say!

Update: here's one report of the candidates' statements in a recent neighborhood forum, which perhaps will be useful for uncertain citizens.

Update 2: PoliticsPhilly compiled some informative links about this election here.


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