Thursday, August 18, 2005

Wireless plan proceeds to next step?

A Daily News article reports that Philadelphia is about to start serious negotiations and planning discussions with two consortiums who hope to build and run the city's wireless internet infrastructure.
Wireless Philadelphia, a nonprofit organization created by Mayor Street, hopes to pick a builder for the network over the next 30 days and finalize a contract by the end of next month.

"Because of the dramatic difference in the nature of the two proposals, we've decided that the best way to make a final selection is negotiate business terms separately and concurrently with both teams," said Dianah Neff, the city's chief information officer and chief architect of Wireless Philadelphia.
The firms in questions are megaliths Hewlitt-Packard and Earthlink. A third monster tech company, Intel, may chip in some support under their "Digital Communities" program, largely in the form of discounted computers and related training for low-income homes.


Blogger Chris Holland said...

just a quick note to congratulate you guys on pursuing the WiFi efforts :) I'm very happy to see a good example of local government stepping-up to the plate to remedy the "broadband duopoly" that currently plagues much of the U.S..

I'm looking forward to the day where people think of the Internet not just as means for receiving e-mail and opening pages in a web browser, but also as a compelling platform for cheaper, more flexible, more interactive Communications and Entertainment.

I've been trying to raise awareness for SIP. Really cool protocol that sorta enables much of all that :)

2:49 PM  

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