Monday, August 08, 2005

Today's corruption news

Two articles on SE Pennsylvania's ongoing investigations and payola woes:
  1. First, the US Attorney, Patrick L. Meehan, claims federal probes are not yet out of steam in Philadelphia after the convictions related to City Hall and recent indictments of Norristown's Mayor and City Councilman Mariano. There are still agents pouring through state Senator Vince Fumo's computer files, others are tracing more links to wiretap target Ron White, and there are investigations into a host of major and minor contracting shenanigans from the airport to Penn's Landing.

  2. Meantime, former City Treasurer Corey Kemp is settling into his jail sentence, but apparently still a little unconvinced of his own wrongdoing. At best, he was far too naive for his job; at worst, he completely deserves his ten years for influence peddling. Hard to work up much heartbreak.


Blogger Friedman said...

Kemp's comment about not being a fan of either team in the Superbowl junket that he took with Ron White is just priceless; he still doesn't get it.

11:30 PM  

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