Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Regional green fuels initiatives

An Inquirer story reports that drivers should expect to see biofuels popping up at some of their local gas stations in the near future, partly as a response to a change in federal regulations and incentives.
In New Jersey, a group of farmers and other investors is on the verge of buying land in Gloucester County to build an ethanol factory. And in Kensington, a research-scale facility is under construction that would make biodiesel from the grease of Philly cheesesteaks and other fatty victuals.
. . .
All diesel trucks and buses can run without modification on biodiesel, which is made by chemically treating vegetable oil or animal fats. All new cars can run on gasoline that contains up to 10 percent ethanol, an alcohol fuel made from fermenting sugars from plants, including corn. And, unknown to many owners, more than 3.5 million newer cars can use an ethanol blend of up to 85 percent.
Love the idea that it could use grease; the article also discusses crop options other than corn, of which PA doesn't grow much. Look for your first opportunity to gas up with alternative fuel at 12th and Vine around November.

(I'd like credit for not having written "cropping up" in the first line here... ;)


Anonymous r said...

How great is that? Waiting now for the day that one can buy an attachment for the George Foreman grill so that the contents of the drip pan can go directly into the camping lantern!

3:54 PM  
Blogger ACM said...

Maybe we should switch from a camping lantern to a whale-oil-style lamp, and we'd be good to go already! (of course, you still have to carry fuel for the grill...)

4:42 PM  

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