Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Other Wednesday news bits

  • The fate of Pennsylvania's Willow Grove military base continues to be uncertain (see background on the story here). However, the commission making the decisions is starting to hand out results, and their recommendation is due on Friday. Meantime, Gov. Rendell's suit (see prev.) continues.

  • Gov. Rendell has agreed to add more hybrids to the fleet of state cars. It may be slow going, however, as the state is not allowed to purchase any cars built outside of the US, which narrows their options in a tight market.

  • On the education front, an Inquirer piece reports that increasing requirements and wider offerings are making it difficult to generate workable schedules for individual highschool students. I don't envy the parental complaints!

  • A historic 300-year-old inn in Merion that had failed in several incarnations as a restaurant will get a new lease on life as a synagogue and Jewish community center. Everybody wins.


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