Monday, August 15, 2005

Other news stories of interest

  1. In the wake of the announcement that the military base in Willow Grove was slated for closing, Governor Rendell has filed suit claiming that such a move is illegal because National Guard troops based there cannot be moved without his prior permission. In an unsurprising move, the Justice Department is siding with the Pentagon in the case, for which a hearing will be held next week. PA's politicians have also pursued the persuasion track; only time will tell.

  2. US Rep. Fattah has managed to funnel some money to Philadelphia, in a form that conveniently results in its being disbursed by a foundation that he created.
    According to language in the bill inserted at the behest of Fattah, city government will get $3.2 million to "work in conjunction" with the not-for-profit American Cities Foundation "for neighborhood transportation enhancement and pedestrian safety projects."

    But the city Streets Department, the mayor's office and SEPTA say they don't know anything about the grant or the project it supports.
    Pet projects aren't unusual in large bills, but it *is* unusual to also specify who gets to handle the funds. Of course, nobody is thinking about raising their profile just before a mayoral race . . .

  3. A Daily News story reports the apparent use of Philadelphia Housing Authority police by Councilwoman Blackwell to harrass or intimidate her private foes. eesh.

  4. In a western-PA kerfluffle, a newly merged newspaper company that used a faux political ad as part of its self-promotions is getting flak for giving a candidate free publicity. Specifically the national GOP is accusing the Scranton Times-Tribune of campaign-finance violations for the fake banner headline "Casey to run for Senate." That it's made such waves is a symptom of how hot the 2006 Senate election is expected to be.


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