Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More Streetlights

The Philadelphia Weekly has a feature article on Sharif Street, son of Philadelphia's mayor, who is raising funds for a future campaign without saying what office he might be seeking. He's eying both City Council and state legislature, presumably waiting for final word on what seats may open up in either or both.
No question, Street has name recognition in this town. He grew up with Democratic ward leaders and community activists bouncing him on their knees. As for Sharif's own political ambitions, some people may question what he brings to the table beyond the fact that he's the mayor's son.

As one guest at the July 27 gathering wondered aloud, "Will powerbrokers in this city bother returning Sharif's calls once his dad no longer rules City Hall?" No elected officials were among the guests snacking on jumbo shrimp and bruschetta.
Will be a little while before we can answer that question.


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