Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Even *I'm* nearly tired of this topic

  1. The Inquirer continues to track individual PA legislators who decide not to take the new pay-raise, especially those who are changing their minds in response to public griping. Most interesting to me here is that a group is planning to introduce a bill to repeal the raise, and they claim 23 co-sponsors. Won't go anywhere, but a good sign that the Assembly is feeling the chilly constituent winds -- perhaps they'll pass some conscience bills this fall...

  2. For late-comers or those who can never get enough outrage, the Inquirer now offers a standing list of all their articles and columns on the subject, tied to the final vote talley. (I don't know if the URL will change will additional updates.)
Enough griping -- let's start working on changing things, both for more just economic outcomes (minimum wage, anyone?) and more transparent government processes. Sign the Neighborhood Networks petition, pass one around at your office. Onward, ho!


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