Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wage hike reality check

A few weeks back, Gov. Rendell swore that he would block state legislators from giving themselves a pay hike unless they did something about minimum wage. His spokespeople were back-pedaling almost immediately, but progressives in the state took heart. Now it appears that the test is near at hand, as the rumor mill talks about a huge hike being considered in Harrisburg (on top of the cost-of-living adjustments they already get). This raise would make them second only to California for state legislator pay, hardly a point of pride for a state that has budget woes and unemployment/underinsurance issues statewide. I hope they don't walk away with that kind of theft unchallenged.

Update: it looks like it's not just legislators who would get a pay hike under this proposal, but just about everybody from aids to the governor. Peee-ew!


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