Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Town-gown relations

Drexel is angering its neighbors in Powelton village over development of a swath of land that was supposed to be used for mutual benefit.
The intent - outlined in a series of letters to and from local pols, residents and school officials - was to have Drexel buy the lot for use as green space and recreation, primarily for its own students, but also for local residents.

Within a few years, the university returned to the civic group and said it had found a perfect use for the lot: building a large dormitory.
The neighbors killed that plan, but the current proposal seems like the same wolf in semisheepish clothing. Ferrick traces a history of undiplomatic maneouvers past -- looks like Drexel should learn to play nicely with its neighbors lest it become unwelcome.

Update: more on this story in Thursday's Daily News, especially the grim vision of a hungry developer who's also on the Planning Commission...


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