Thursday, July 28, 2005

Specter continues to confound definition

At least, that's my take on this story that had previously been under my radar: Specter may seek probe of Guantanamo, followed rapidly and inevitably by White House cool to Specter's idea for a Guantanamo commission. He's actually working on a bill concerning the rights of Gitmo detainees even now, and plans a trip to Cuba in lage August (for another road-trip committee hearing).
A main concern in setting up a commission, Specter said, is the amount of time it would take to issue a report. "We wouldn't have results for at least two years, and we would have a very different texture here," he said.
Maybe we will, maybe we won't...
The first article also mentions some half dozen other things that Specter is involved with, from the Roberts hearings to asbestos-related legislation. The second article mentions how various bigwigs reacted to Specter's idea; most surpising to me was this one:
Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, the Republican Conference chairman, said he supported Specter's desire to hold hearings on this issue, which "clearly falls into the committee's jurisdiction."

"Sen. Santorum looks forward to talking to Sen. Specter about the idea of some sort of commission," Santorum spokesman Robert Traynham said.
Specter cites various concerns about detainee handling and rendition, and notes that the topic has been considered "too hot" for anybody to want to take on. He surely seems to be wearing an asbestos suit these days!


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