Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rendell speaks to pay raises

From Sunday, but I had missed it -- Rendell in his own words, for the York Daily Record (at least). He focuses on the judiciary, which hasn't gotten much discussion by the gripers.
First and foremost, this legislation frees the judiciary from depending on the legislature to decide when and if judges will receive a pay increase — the very legislature on whose actions the courts sit in judgment. That has raised in the minds of some an appearance of conflict and impropriety, creating the question, “Did the court rule a certain way because the legislature did or did not give the judiciary a pay increase?” This legislation puts that question to rest.
He also mentions executive staffers, and cites some studies of disparaties between public and private sector pay. The legislators have gotten plenty of discussion already, and he recycles his "once and for all" angle here, but also demonstrates their hard work with a list of major legislation.

(via Edico)


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