Monday, July 11, 2005

Rendell -- flush with success?

An article today points out that Gov. Rendell is now claiming to have fulfilled his original goals for the office (seven, as spelled out in his election campaign) and thus starting to gear up for his re-election run.
It's no big secret that a year in advance of an election - before the shadow of re-election politics gets cast over everything - is the best time for a politician to line up his ducks. Rendell has seven of them: revitalize the economy, improve education, cut property taxes, better the environment, expand prescription drug coverage for seniors, cut government spending and reform medical malpractice.

Though voters will be the final judge, Rendell now claims that he's finally achieved success with the final passage of a $625 million bond for environmental programs.

"It's ... very gratifying for me because it's the last of the seven major proposals I made to the Legislature. All seven have passed," he said. "When I came here, a lot of you said, 'This is too much too fast, the Legislature is never going to work with you.' And they have."
Of course, his opponents (and even some of his supporters) will be loath to credit him with most of the above, but only time will tell whom the voters believe.

(via Edico)


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