Monday, July 18, 2005

Money matters

John Grogan is still bitter over the legislative pay-raise, and gets inspired for a voter action to change the linkage of PA pol. salaries not to a fraction of those of their federal counterparts but to a multiple of the median PA income. Sadly, he finds that such voter initiatives are not allowed in PA.

Meantime, the Inquirer takes a look at local politicians who voted against the measure and inquires about their intentions to accept or refuse the raise for themselves (this year, at least). Strangely, they weren't able to get a full set of answers to that question...

Finally, a Daily News article looks at new campaign finance rules, which appear to be confusing the (myriad) mayoral hopefuls.
"It's a fascinating subject," said Comcast Vice President David L. Cohen, who managed two mayoral campaigns for Ed Rendell. "Even the people who've favored all these changes don't know what they mean yet."
Some presumed candidates have already accepted donations larger than the new limits, so there may be some refunds coming or money that will be hanging in limbo. Of course, Philadelphia politicians are sure to be enterprising when it comes to finding ways to keep money in play; for example:
One way around the law is for outside committees to raise big money and spend it on behalf of a candidate. A powerful pol like state Sen. Vince Fumo or House Speaker John Perzel could spend whatever he likes on a candidate he favors.
Messy bidness...


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