Friday, July 15, 2005

In other Friday news

  • The Intelligent Design controversy in Dover, PA, continues, with a group of parents bringing suit over the proposed textbook . . .

  • Fundraising for next year's Senate race is off and running, with Santorum's incumbent advantage currently looking like a two-fold monetary bonus. The absolute numbers are big, however, furthering speculations that this race will set new spending records (with Philly's mayoral battle close behind). Pennacchio hasn't yet started to fundraise.

  • John Baer reports that there's a new marker near Independence Hall recognizing gay-rights activists of the 1960s. It was unveiled rather quietly on July 1 by the Pennsylvania State Historical Commission. The article suggests that we not read too much into the action, pointing out that a similar proposal was recently judged "too controversial" to even discuss in the state legislature.

  • An avid Phillies fan who took out some frustrations by launching an email attack on the Inquirer and Daily News computer systems (and sending offensive emails to other people under the names of some of the sportswriters) has been sentenced to jail time.
    His lawyer, Thomas Ivory, said, "It goes to show you: Don't pick a fight with someone who prints ink by the barrel."

    In response, Inquirer editor Amanda Bennett said, "It goes to show that spam isn't a joke, and that frivolously disrupting people's jobs and lives won't be tolerated."
    I guess that loving your team really *can* go too far...

  • PhillyPolitics caught a strange little drama in which Philadelphia City Councilfolk, officially done for the year, made waves over proposed new water prices. We'll have to see what comes of it for both water rates and political hay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen plenty of Pennacchio fundraising pitches...

6:43 PM  
Blogger ACM said...

I'm just quoting the spokesperson from the article:
"We spent the first year trying to get ourselves well-organized so we can move forward in a strong way, and we will now focus on raising money," Splane said.

I'm sure they haven't just been sitting around...

6:48 PM  

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