Wednesday, July 27, 2005

In other favorite topics

After a long stretch of summer drought, the stories already posted, plus these three on themes we've been watching here at ASFR:
  • In the realm of Philadelphia's plan for citywide wireless internet, a trial run in Olney, offering free service for a year within a square mile area. Lots of publicity being worked here, plus some word of finalists to put the citywide service together.

  • A Daily News story looks at the doubling of average city house prices in the last decade, and particularly at the plethora of high-end real estate. They give some examples of what sells for a cool half-million these days...

  • Jill Porter argues that SEPTA made the right decision in not following New York into the random bag-search follies.
    Terrorists still manage to blow up buses in Israel, despite intense security, package searches and buses retrofitted with measures to keep suspicious passengers from boarding.
    Good point. And we have a lot less daily threat here...
Well, now I expect the heat to break and the news to dry up again tomorrow!


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