Friday, July 22, 2005

Everything's "ok"

That is, two different chunks of significant paperwork have gotten approval:
  1. PICA, a state oversight board, has signed off on next year's Philadelphia budget. This turns out to have been a nontrivial process:
    After the city's five-year spending plan was passed last month, PICA staffers warned that it projected a five-year deficit of more than $100 million. Under the law, the authority can reject a city budget that is out of balance, which would throw city finances into chaos.
    City officials had to adjust some of their projections and promise to trim expenses of several types. The Board then passed the budget, but has not yet released its report, which is expected to be critical of the Street administration and its financial choices (see, e.g., this).

  2. Meanwhile, preliminary regulations for gaming parlors were cleared in Harrisburg, after the firming-up of protections for problem gamblers, as requested by Senator Fumo (see prev. here). They're looking to start taking applications for licenses early this fall.


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