Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Transportation changes in the wind

Philly cab drivers may get a raise, and passengers get better-trained drivers and cleaner cabs, if a proposed taxi fare hike gets approved. The Parking Authority folks will discuss it at the end of June. Fares have been unchanged for almost fifteen years.

On the SEPTA front, with the next negotiation deadline being midnight tonight, nothing has been solved. However, the transit workers say that they are open to another extension, so probably no strike in the immediate future.


Anonymous Tulin said...

Unchanged except for the "gas raise" from last year of .50 that ends at the end of this month. Most cabs I've been in don't even charge that though.

And the cabs in general are getting a make over.

When the Parking Authority took over - they changed the look inside the cabs. They standardized the rate cards and taxicab rider's bill of rights with a giant yellow sticker and they changed the licenses. Instead of orange or another muted color, new licenses are bright yellow. They also standardized the maps of the area that are present in the cabs - again, with giant sticker.

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