Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Spotlight on Nutter

Two pieces take a closer look today at Phila City Councilman Michael Nutter:
  • Tom Ferrick documents signs of Nutter's increasing power, in light of various recent successes on legislative and budget negotiation fronts.
    Nutter, 47, in Council as a staffer since his early 20s, as a member since his early 30s, may be the most effective member of that body since... well, since John Street.
    Despite this comparison, Ferrick thinks that Nutter more resembles Gov. Ed Rendell, as a smooth operator and compromise-broker. Good speculations there about how the primary battle in 2007 is likely to play out, with Street dancing with Fattah in preference to his local rival...

  • The Daily News looks at the smoking ban legislation, which somehow still has hoops to jump through (final vote tomorrow?). Still some uncertainty about some South Philly Councilfolk, as well as whether Street will oppose the bill because of the changes made to bring extra votes aboard. The story implies that a delicate dance is still required to bring this bill to pass, but notes widespread support outside City Hall. Stay tuned!


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