Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Rendell under the microscope

The Daily News announced the results of a recent poll, showing Rendell's approval rating at a notable low, with almost half opining that "it's time for a change." Bad recent press about the failed property tax/school funding/slots measure may be causing a dip, but I'm sure it makes him unhappy, especially with the consequent discussion of possible challengers in the primary and/or general elections.
"Rendell remains personally popular - people who know him and hear him like him," Madonna said. "But his policies aren't as popular, and people don't think he's delivered, particularly on cutting taxes and creating jobs."
(The same poll also showed Casey with a new lead over Santorum for next year's Senate race, largely because of a drop in Santorum support over his recent activities.)

John Baer takes both the Governor and the legislature to task for proposed cuts to health care for the poor.
I just find it maddening that the place politicians look to save money is so often the very the place society is most noble in spending it.
He has, of course, some other suggestions of better places for belt-tightening.


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