Friday, June 10, 2005

Press takes on Neighborhood Networks

A smattering of short articles this week on last weekend's NN conference and on the group's prospects for the future:
  1. The Daily Pennsylvanian (U.Penn's student newspaper, on summer schedule of one issue per week) wrote a simple factual account of the meeting and its spirit.

  2. The Daily News had a short column about the "crazy dream" of a political structure run on ideals and volunteers, not connections and cash (skip down to the Shadow Party heading).

  3. The Inquirer also had a short piece (a teaser for a longer article?) on the "show of spirit" that recalls the anti-Rizzo campaigns of the 1970s, which spawned a generation of leaders from outside the machine.
Look out this Sunday (hopefully) for a longer write-up by Inquirer reporter Thomas Fitzgerald, who stayed for the whole event last Saturday, followed up with interviews, and should have a more in-depth take on the whole organization.


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