Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New Jersey round-up

Our neighboring state to the east had its primary elections yesterday, so a bunch of news from that direction, for those with interest:
  • Of the "seven dwarves" in the GOP gubernatorial primary, gazillionaire Forrester got the nomination, edging out second-place Schundler (percentages not given). He will face Democrat (and fellow gazillionaire) Corzine in the fall.

  • Incumbency took a blow in Atlantic City, where a life-guard new to politics bumped the incumbent from the Democratic mayoral ticket.

  • And party loyalty problems are proved not to be limited to Philadelphia, as a popular Cherry Hill city Councilwoman, snubbed by the Dems, gets on the ballot as an independent. Apparently the council President resigned in protest over her ouster, so there might be a veritable independent ticket, come fall...
Will update if I unearth any other tidbits.


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