Friday, June 24, 2005

New Jersey news round-up

Several pieces today from our neighbor to the east:
  1. The bill to move NJ's Presidential primary from June to February has passed and is headed to Governor Cody's desk. Since he has already called for such a move, it's essentially a done deal.
    "Every election cycle, New Jersey bankrolls a large portion of presidential candidates' campaigns, even though not every candidate stays in the race long enough to be given a vote here," [Sen.] Vitale said. "This bill would ensure that campaigns would have to spend campaign cash in New Jersey to be competitive..."
  2. NJ legislators have passed a bill to protect consumers from ID theft.

  3. The Senate also passed a bill to establish a housing trust fund to look out for the mentally ill and others with special needs -- an idea of Governor Cody, who takes a special interest in mental health concerns.
    In April, the state was sued because a lack of housing and other services was keeping nearly 1,000 patients in psychiatric hospitals past their discharge dates - some for years.
    Unclear what the Assembly thinks of this bill.
Interesting doings; I wonder if PA pols are noticing any of it...


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