Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Local ironies

Inquirer writer Martha Woodall must have been feeling some psychic vibes yesterday, such that her piece on Intelligent Design in the classroom preceded by one day the resurrection of the topic by state legislators:
As some of the world's leading scientists considered the latest advances in disease treatment, stem-cell research and bioterrorism response, a panel of educators, scientists and civil libertarians clashed over a recently introduced bill that would allow the teaching of intelligent design in Pennsylvania's public school science classes.
I can only recommend that anyone curious about I.D. and its weaknesses consult this excellent recent New Yorker piece on the topic. They describe the two men behind the movement and the myriad problems with the "theory" they've cobbled together.

Oh yeah: the irony comes when this flat-earth business is juxtaposed to findings that Southeastern Pennsylvania is a hotbed for biotech...


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