Thursday, June 16, 2005

In other Thursday news

Lots of little tidbits and not enough time today. In short,
  • A Burlington school for at-risk kids (junior and senior high) seems to be showing some success. Some innovative ideas there, including some support for transitioning to jobs.

  • The Hope Creek nuclear plant, near Trenton, shut down in response to a steam leak for the 4th time this year. Very reassuring.

  • NJ Governor Richard Cody has an idea that might not be bad for his neighbors to the west: mandatory annual ethics training for all government employees. This follows a May move requiring training in proper accounting procedures for all executive branch employees who work with public funds and contracts. Cody hopes to increase public trust of state government. (There's a crazy notion!)

  • In more budget news, Philadelphia Mayor John Street is calling on Harrisburg to fill a budget gap in youth anti-violence measures. Apparently hole opened when some federal funding dried up, and unless the city can come up with some $10 million toward these programs, it will lose another $50 million (in "matching" funds) in state funds.


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