Thursday, June 23, 2005

In other news...

A bill being considered in Harrisburg would funnel part of the tax revenues from state liquor sales into arts funding for institutions throughout the state. A drop in the bucket of what local landmarks need every year, but a little stability in the storm, perhaps. Its primary sponsor is a Republican Senator from Bucks County, Joe Conti, and it appears to have some degree of bipartisan support. Wacky.


Blogger Crew Koos said...

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11:59 AM  
Blogger Rep. Mark B. Cohen said...

As a member of the Pennsylvania on the Arts, I think significantly increasing their small budget is a really good idea. The Council on the Arts is all about leveraging small grants into momentum for career opportunities for artists in every field, and art of every kind available for diverse audiences around the state. Increasing Council resources will only magnify the Council's power to leverage artistic growth.

12:32 AM  

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