Thursday, June 09, 2005

Housing boom just a start

An Inquirer letter/commentary makes a good point that Philadelphia's housing boom has been happening while city jobs have continued to slip away. In the future, city planners will have to both keep counter-commuters' needs in mind and work to bring more jobs downtown, to keep Center City from becoming a "bedroom community" for businesses further out (an odd image).


Anonymous Tulin said...

The housing boom and new jobs are interlinked in my mind, at least marginally so. For every new house built - there has to be people to build them, right? So construction=jobs.

Furthermore, to address Sandy Smith's concern about jobs, there's been a surge of construction in the business area too. Take a look at the Circa Center, IKEA, Comcast, the Navy Yard, the Fresh Grocer at Temple, or even the small businesses - the supermarkets, the dry cleaners, etc - that will sprout up to fill the needs of the residents in the new housing.

It's never just a one way street.

1:14 PM  
Blogger ACM said...

Yeah, that's always been my presumption too -- all those people need to eat, shop, etc. But it's also good if they can be walking to work rather than commuting out into the distant yonder...

(of course, a dense concentration of skilled labor will be an incentive to locate centrally, but that's a bit slower.)

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Tulin said...

Maybe all that walking will help out with the city's fitness problem. ^^

1:24 PM  

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