Friday, June 03, 2005

And on the financial front

While Street, Nutter, and Councilfolk galore were having their smoking smack-down, Council managed to take some moves on things financial:
  1. They passed the budget: see the concise Daily News summary for details.

  2. They approved a cut in the Business Privilege Tax, but by a margin too narrow to withstand the likely veto by Street.
    Street said he sees merit in the chamber's claim that a lower tax would one day lead to more tax money for the city.

    "We just don't know how much," Street said. "And I've always taken the position that I'll spend that revenue when I start seeing it."

    Street sees the issue as tax reduction versus tax reform, which he described as decreasing taxes in one place and increasing them in another to even out the books.
    And you know, everybody loves to be behind a tax increase...
Well, at least a few things to show for this Council session. Probably good that they couldn't do more damage along the way, but man, it seems hard to get anything done.


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