Monday, May 02, 2005

Who loves the National Guard more?

Apparently there's a battle in Harrisburg over who can claim more sympathy with the plight of the state's National Guardsmen and their families. Rendell made an announcement in support of a number of Democratic legislative initiatives, just a day or two before the GOP was going to announce comprehensive programs of its own.
A spokesman said the House caucus was surprised by both the timing of Rendell's announcement and his support for largely Democratic ideas.

"We worked with them on our package," said Steve Miskin, a caucus spokesman. "We're a little miffed at the partisan tone that he's taken. Our legislative package is actually going to go somewhere."
I can't read the spots on this one. If they actually had cooperation going, why the sudden partisan grandstanding? Perhaps Rendell owed his party allies a bone. Curious.


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