Monday, May 23, 2005

They know who he is now!

An interesting little article in today's Inquirer talks about Seth Williams recent campaign for District Attorney and his future in Philadelphia politics. Most telling is the recognition he received, despite defeat, both for the reasonable showing he made (more than any previous Abraham challenger, even with low turnout) and for the high tone and issues focus of his campaign. Noteworthy quotes:
"He's a good guy," said U.S. Rep. Robert A. Brady, the city Democratic chairman. "He came to me when he was thinking about running, and I said I would be with the incumbent and told him to keep it on the high ground. He did, and that's to his credit." Brady said he thinks Williams "has a future in politics."
and the concluding line:
"I've been getting lots of calls from different politicians, people who wouldn't talk to me during the campaign," Williams said.
Well, well...


Anonymous albert said...

and i got an email "from seth" stating that he'd run for DA again in 2009. i wonder if he would consider running for a different office within Philly or PA in 2007.

1:52 PM  

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