Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More plums for West Philly

A collaboration between Philadelphia and U. Penn. is resulting in plans for a new school in West Philly focused on international studies.
Students will study world languages, take an international curriculum integrated across subjects, be connected to schools worldwide via technology, and be immersed in community service for groups with worldwide links - which could even include international internships.
The school would get a chunk of funding from the Gates Foundation (who is promoting international schools nationwide); it's unclear to me whether it would be a charter school, or magnet, or just plain spiffy.
Paul Vallas, Philadelphia schools chief, hailed the project as yet another potential jewel in the district's efforts to create smaller high schools. The district also plans to open new high schools in 2006 in partnership with Microsoft Corp. and the Franklin Institute.
More potential progress for Philly's beleagured school system -- yay!

Update: Ray Murphy summarizes the controversy surrounding this school, and the general ill will caused by the feeling in West Philly that most of Penn's investments benefit only its own employees...


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