Friday, May 27, 2005

In other Philly news...

A few other stories of note:
  • Tom Ferrick reports heartening progress in improving a previously ridiculous system by which tow trucks were dispatched to accidents. A benefit to those who are already victims, and credit due to Frank Rizzo, Jr., for following through on this one.

  • The Daily News recaps its Top 10 list for City Hall reform, with notes on progress made since they first composed it. This week's legislation, as well as other proposed measures and shifts in leadership at local watchdog organizations, get at some things, while others are mostly unchanged.

  • City Council approved John Street's budget for 2006 on Wednesday, after each side made some concessions (see previous discussion of the issues here). Part of the fallout is a likely delay in attempts to roll back business taxes in the city (separate legislation, but seemingly sacrificed for issues in the budget accord); in fact, a couple of new taxes (on valet parking and billboards) were required to fund the restored programs (e.g., firetrucks and libraries). As always, everybody grumpy about a compromise, but happy to have avoided their worst fears... Much better process than last year, anyway.
That's likely to be all from me today -- have a great long weekend!


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