Friday, May 06, 2005

From the weeklies . . .

Just found an interesting piece in the Philadelphia Weekly about the judicial elections that will be part of the May 17 Democratic primary. They explore some of what goes into party endorsements, and the degree to which some ward leaders go their own way in directing their consituents on how to vote. It's not really about the candidates, but about the culture, but interesting in that regard to anybody trying to figure out the local scene.

Favorite quotes:
While hundreds of Philadelphians are apparently willing to spend their lunch hours rallying for a qualified federal bench, far fewer are paying attention to the May 17 local judicial election.
"The name of the game in Philadelphia is having the ability to pay people who can get your name out there," she says. "Some unendorsed candidates are well-qualified, but competence is not the end goal of the party."
"I would never diminish the value of the party endorsement because it's still better to have it," she says. "But raising the most money and having official support from the party don't guarantee a win."

In the City Paper, an interesting run-down of some of the chewier primary races to be decided on May 17. More speculation than guidance, but a little snack for the weekend.


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