Monday, May 09, 2005

Developments in the D.A. race

Two big developments this weekend:
  1. There was a live debate between Williams and Abraham on local TV, aired Sunday morning. I remembered to tape it, but am ashamed to say I forgot to watch it -- blame my sick cat. However, if you missed the event too, Young Philly Politics offers a bit of a blow-by-blow response, having watched the event in the studio on Saturday.

  2. The Philadelphia Inquirer officially endorsed Seth Williams in the race. This seems huge, and must have come as a blow to the incumbent.
    Evidence also piles up that Abraham has lost her edge administratively. Critics suggest that the best and brightest don't seek to work in her office anymore.
    It's time for a change. Seth Williams arrives right on time.
    Read the whole thing. Make the right choice.
Only a week to go!


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