Monday, May 02, 2005

Actual Williams coverage

Two stories on Williams today (since it's May, or because of the blogger-buzz?):
  1. The Inquirer notes Williams' criticism of Lynne Abraham, and contrasts his current attitude with the affection he expressed in a letter (released by Abraham) upon his departure from the D.A.'s office.
    Williams questioned the propriety of releasing the resignation letter, which he said is part of his personnel file and not a public document. "She's trying to use my being kind and courteous for political goals," he said.
    On the other hand, he explicitly praised her vision of department organization in that note, which seems a bit at odds with his current claim that restructuring is way overdue. I won't be surprised if many readers take away the message that he's currently just trying to position himself for a future run for the same office. hmmm.

  2. The Daily News reports about a large meeting at which Williams and Abraham made sequential presentations. They note that each gave a good performance, mention that Williams can't even get in the door of some Ward meetings, and describe Abraham as confident. This article also mentioned a planned TV debate, which is the first I've heard of that.
Not a good day for the challenger overall. Odd angles of coverage though. I expect the pace and depth of coverage to pick up, now that we're just a couple of weeks from the actual vote.


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