Monday, May 16, 2005

ACM's Democratic primary Voter's Guide

Obviously, we encourage Philly voters to vote for Seth Williams for D.A. However, most voters will be more perplexed by the host of options further down the page. After reading whatever we could find, and cross-referencing the endorsement lists of the Philadelphia Inquirer, NOW, ADA, Naral, our Ward 5 Ward leader, and a few well-connected friends, we offer these recommendations (from a grantedly progressive perspective):

Common Pleas Court Judge: (8 votes allowed)
  • Ellen Green-Ciesler
  • Sharon Williams Losier
  • Ann Butchart
  • Leon Tucker
  • Glenn Bronson
  • Susan Schulman
  • Marilyn Heffley
If you want an eigth choice, the runners-up are Charles Cunningham and Joyce Eubanks. They have very different sorts of recommendations (Inquirer and Ward for the former, NOW and Naral for the latter), so I couldn't make a solid choice between them. Choose your level of iconoclasm.

Municipal Court Judges: (3 votes allowed)
  • Nazario Jimenez, Jr.
  • Brad Moss
  • Beverly Muldrow
Two already in office, and one newcomer with lots of progressive recommendations.

Traffic Court Judge: (pick 1)
  • John Furey
Apparently you only need a highschool education for this job, which explains a lot about the service they provide. Picking the guy with experience but fewer machine connections. I will admit to a modicum of whim here.

City Controller only offers one candidate.
On Growing Greener II, vote yes. (It's not everything one might wish, but it's a start.)
No recommendation on the gun thing, but given that it's sort of permission to consider doing something, I feel it's ok to vote it in. A long way from a meaningful measure.

Ok, that's it! Hope somebody finds this helpful!

Update: Don't be surprised to find a couple of other small races at the bottom of the ballot, but all with only one candidate. Local elections officials and the like...



Blogger Chris said...

Thanks. Very helpful. I always stuggle with the Judges so any input I can get is very welcome.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous JJL said...

veryy helpful and I like your other posts too.

3:30 PM  

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