Monday, April 25, 2005

Williams gets ink

I read the story online, so don't know where it appeared in the paper, but the Inquirer has an article today about Seth Williams campaign for D.A. This one notes that the establishment has taken notice of him, but the article itself is focused more on Williams' background and personal history than on his plans for the prosecutor's office or his endorsements. This nice bit toward the end though:
Williams points out that he has more prosecutorial experience than Gov. Rendell did when he was elected district attorney in 1977 at age 33 - and, for that matter, more than Abraham herself did when she was first appointed to the job in 1991.

"I'm not just some angry black guy yelling through a bullhorn," Williams said. "The D.A. wants people to think I'm some disgruntled employee. But my vision of how to fix that office is right."
So, some good stuff here, but readers are still having to parse together a picture of this guy from a lot of incomplete tidbits spread across time. Perhaps it will coalesce as we get into May.


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