Friday, April 08, 2005

Spending some to get some

A striking report shows that PA spent a nontrivial sum on Washington lobbyists, in attempts to get more money for the state through various programs and legislative decisions. I suppose that's just how things work these days -- you want somebody in there arguing your case on a variety of fronts -- but still, the numbers are striking.

(via KeystonePolitics)


Blogger PSoTD said...

Yep - every state is doing the same thing. Counties, cities, etc. Colleges.

There's a reason why housing is so expensive in DC, and it's not just because of Federal Employees...

9:12 PM  
Anonymous dragonballyee said...

thank you for your link to my photosite, but you've misspelled it, it is dragonballyee not dragonballeye. i didn't see an email link for you so this was the next best thing

11:59 PM  

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