Friday, April 29, 2005

Quiet news day

Just some small stuff today, not really worth a whole entry each:
  • The Daily News has an interview with Councilman Frank Rizzo, Jr., about gun control, police response times, and how to combat city violence. Some thoughts, no easy answers.

  • Gar Joseph reports speculations that Robert Casey is lying low to let Santorum skewer himself on unpopular issues and to stay out of the fray where intra-party debates are concerned. Of course, a sitting Senator is inherently more in the public eye than a presumptive nominee doing a different job for the next year or so... The reporter actually asks Casey his stance on several issues and gets straight answers, so check it out (although they might not be the ones you would have chosen).

  • America's Hometown reports that Center City Philadelphia has now been set up as its own school region, which may allow better support of and choice among downtown schools for residents there. Anything that serves students better and makes parents more willing to stay in the city...
Have a good weekend, all!


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