Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More choices colored by choice

PA Senate races aren't the only ones in which the abortion issue comes into play. In the New Jersey governor's race (which will be this year, in contrast to the PA Senate and governor races, both in 2006), a prolife organization has endorsed a Republican candidate, Bret Schundler, in a move which is thought to improve his primary chances but damage his general election profile.
"An endorsement by pro-life groups could cost him support down the road from swing voters he needs in the general election," said Ross Baker, a political science professor at Rutgers University. "But he's got to get through the primary first, and he can't do that without the support of social conservatives. He needs to solidify his base before he does anything else."
Schundler is in a tight primary race with businessman Douglas Forrester (with 5 other candidates trailing the leaders), so he can't afford to disregard key GOP constituencies. Presumptive Democratic nominee Jon Corzine will be glad to make much of this endorsement in November, however.


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