Friday, April 22, 2005

In other news

Another quick news round-up:
  • A developer has bought the grassy lot at 20th and Market in Philly and will build condos there. I guess it's sort of good news and bad:
    Paul Levy, head of the Center City District, said Opus' decision to build residential units will help connect the Rittenhouse Square to the Logan Square area. On the downside, it signals a lack of confidence in future downtown office job growth.
    Well, grass isn't doing much for the area, but some good ground-floor commercial stuff could be very interesting.

  • There's apparently a battle going on over the election for Ward leader in Ward 6, with charges thrown over Committeefolk excluded from the proceedings. Even the small dogs can make trouble, given enough leash. (This article skims a few other local political rumors as well.)

  • An Inquirer editorial expresses dubiousness about the lobbyist disclosure measures discussed here yesterday.
    A cynic would say senators approved this legislation because they know it will die in the House. And a cynic would have good reason to say it. House Majority Leader Sam Smith (R., Jefferson) and Speaker John M. Perzel (R., Phila.) are cool to the issue, saying the public doesn't care.
    Meanwhile, we continue to be the only state in the nation that has no regulations concerning lobbying activity. yay.
Onward into the weekend!


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