Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Smoke-filled news

A flurry of news items regarding smoking:
  • Philadelphia's smoking ban comes up for a vote this week, but appears to be in trouble as some of its sponsors (including Council President Verna) are backing out. However, John Street claims confidence that nine votes will be found.

  • Montgomery County's proposal to cease hiring smokers for government jobs is generating some predictable resistance.

  • Meanwhile, New Jersey has a state-wide smoking ban (on all places of employment) due for a vote by the state Senate in the next week or so. However, the article notes that similar legislation is stalled in the Assembly, so this may be a while in coming yet.
Any Philadelphia resident who has strong feelings about the proposed local ban on smoking in bars and restaurants should contact their Council representative (and any or all of the at-large members) before Thursday -- you can find their contact info here.


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